Refund policy

Return policy

It is possible to make a return within 5 working days of receipt of the order. After this period, this merchandise will be considered as received, complete, in good condition and fully accepted. To make a return, you must contact a Customer Service representative.

Transport will be at your expense for the return of merchandise that does not suit you or as a result of an error on your part. The representative will suggest a carrier and a procedure to follow.

The transport will be at the expense of Lalema inc. for the return of damaged, incorrect or missing merchandise. In this case, the representative will tell you which carrier you must take and what to do.

No merchandise may be returned without a Return Authorization Number issued by our Customer Service Department.

The following information is required to complete a return authorization request:

  • Name and full address
  • Company
  • Invoice number
  • Item code, quantity and format (box or case for example)
  • Reason for return

Customer Service will inform the customer of the mode of transport to use to return the merchandise. If a customer uses a different carrier than the one proposed, he will bear the entire cost.

No returns will be authorized in the following cases:

  • Item identified as non-returnable on the Site
  • Special order or item made to customer's personal specifications
  • Item that is no longer manufactured or available (discontinued)
  • Item that is not in its original packaging or is damaged or soiled
  • Item that is not in perfect condition for sale

A 25% restocking fee will be charged to the customer.

Additional handling fees will be billed to the customer if Lalema inc. must return the merchandise to the manufacturer. These fees will be the same as those billed to Lalema inc. by the manufacturer to return the merchandise.

The credit will be issued by Lalema inc. following receipt and verification of the merchandise and if it is in perfect condition for resale, the price payable for each product you order is that appearing on the Site at the time of your purchase with respect to this product. This price is expressed in Canadian dollars. o: p>

Shipping charges and applicable sales taxes are extra. o: p>

Lalema inc. reserves the right to modify the price of the products offered on the Site at any time and without notice. o: p>

The price of the products offered on the Site may differ from the price offered for the same products under contract. o: p>

Method of payment / billing o: p>

Payment by PayPal or by credit card is the only form of payment used to make online purchases on Lalema inc. VISA and MasterCard credit cards are accepted on the Site. The confirmation email you receive shortly after from Lalema inc. also constitutes a preliminary invoice. o: p>

Accepting a command o: p>

Receipt of an order confirmation by email does not automatically mean that Lalema inc. accepts said order and is not a confirmation that Lalema inc. undertakes to sell the products mentioned. Lalema inc. reserves the right, without further notice, to refuse to do business with a customer and / or to set a quantity limit for any item in an order. o: p> < / p>

Legal guarantees o: p>

The Civil Code of Quebec and the Consumer Protection Act provide legal guarantees relating in particular to hidden defects as well as to the use of goods sold. These legal guarantees also apply to this sale. This warranty cannot in any way reduce or cancel the manufacturer's legal warranty when it exists. o: p>

Product out of stock o: p>

An out-of-stock product is a product that fails to fully fulfill an order. The product may be on order, missing, recalled by the manufacturer, or discontinued (if so, you will be notified later). o: p>

Lalema inc. displays all products that can be ordered from suppliers. Please note that these are not necessarily part of the stocks of the stores or that of the Site.

In the event that Lalema inc. must wait for one or more out-of-stock item (s) to become available, your order may be held before shipping. o: p>

Lalema inc. does not in any way guarantee the availability of the products offered on the Site. Lalema customer service inc. will contact the customer to advise them. o: p>

Lalema inc. will at no time be responsible for any damage you may have suffered due to a shortage of stock. o: p>

Availability of goods o: p>

Lalema inc. cannot guarantee the availability in inventory of products offered on the Site. However, if Lalema inc. cannot deliver any of the products you ordered to you due to insufficient inventory, you may choose to have partial delivery or wait for the missing item and thus receive delivery complete. o: p>

In such an event, Lalema inc. will notify you by email when the ordered product (s) become available. o: p>

Lalema inc. cannot be held responsible for any damage whatsoever due to insufficient inventory. o: p>

Additional shipping costs will apply. o: p>

Description of the products o: p>

Lalema inc. does everything in its power to ensure the greatest accuracy on the site. However, Lalema inc. does not guarantee that the description of the products or any other content on the Site is accurate, complete, reliable, up-to-date or free from error. If a product offered by Lalema inc. does not conform to its description, your only recourse is to return it to us, in its original condition, in its original packaging AFTER you have obtained an authorization number from Lalema. (See return policy for more information) o: p>


The prices of our products are indicated in Canadian dollars, and applicable taxes will be added. All orders, regardless of their origin, are payable in Canadian dollars. Lalema inc. reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. The products are always invoiced on the basis of the prices in effect at the time the order is placed. o: p>


Lalema inc. calculates the taxes in effect at the time of registration of the order based on the address where the order will be shipped. For an order to be delivered in Canada, the taxes will be dependent on the province; for example for Quebec, the added taxes will be the T.V.Q. (Quebec sales tax) and the T.P.S. (Goods and services tax). o: p>


The payment of your purchases is made by credit card: MasterCard or Visa or by PayPal. The transaction is sent to PayPal for processing through the PayPal secure payment gateway. The proposed fees must be paid according to the payment procedure described during the registration process. The customer agrees to pay the total cost and charges relating to the product purchased and transport costs, including taxes. o: p>

Lalema inc. may change the price after notifying the customer. The customer is solely responsible for the actual payment of the product purchased. The user alone is responsible for paying by credit card for the service offered. Lalema inc. is not responsible for payment issues related to the operation of PayPal's e-commerce service or PayPal's secure gateway. o: p>

Risk of loss o: p>

Any purchase of merchandise made on the Site is concluded under a shipping contract. This means that the risk of loss and the ownership of the goods pass to you when we hand over the goods to the carrier. o: p>

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