Rubbermaid - Square container Untouchable 23 gal 3569-88



Rubbermaid - Square container Untouchable 23 gal 3569-88



Description du produit

3569-88 Untouchable Square Container 23 gallons from Rubbermaid

The 3569 durable plastic container is designed to be crack and bad weather resistant. Can be used for an indoor need but is tough enough for outdoor use. Simply add this container to the Rubbermaid 3966 trash.

Commonly used in commercial and institutional industry such as hotels, office building, shopping malls, restaurants and other public locations.

For a sanitary used we are suggesting you adding the 2689-88 lid.

To complete your research, visit our garbage bags section which contains all sizes of bags as well as OXO-Biodegradable and compostable bags.

Manufacturier et distributeur Québecois

Entreprise familiale depuis 1975


Partout au Québec

Expédier en 48 à 72 heures

Les cueillettes sont aussi disponibles


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