Cleaner Degreaser VOGUE 808


Cleaner Degreaser VOGUE 808

Description du produit

Powerful cleaner degreaser

VOGUE 808 is a powerful cleaner degreaser designed for heavy cleaning work in industries, factories, garages, etc. This degreaser tackles grease, oil, carbon, ink, wax and tar with great ease with the help of a microfiber cleaning cloth, a WypAll WorkHorse wiper or a brush scrubber.

This cleaner degreaser can also be used to remove old finish or floor wax and is ideal for washing walls with the appropriate wall washer kit.

*Suggested dilution only. Always test first.

Manufacturier et distributeur Québecois

Entreprise familiale depuis 1975


Partout au Québec

Expédier en 48 à 72 heures

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