Floor Safety Sign 6112 "Caution" Multilingual 2 Sided


Floor Safety Sign 6112 "Caution" Multilingual 2 Sided

Description du produit

Trilingual Floor Sign "Caution" Printed on Both Sides

The safety floor sign 6112 from Rubbermaid is design with a principal statement "Caution" followed by a Wet Floor symbol surround by the "Caution" warning in three language: "Caution", "Attention", "Cuidado".

The 2 sided lightweight safety sign 6112 is easy to transport and store. Used the floor sign handle to store it on mobile cart.

  • Caution warning messages imprinted in English, French, and Spanish for effective communication to broad audiences
  • Two-sided, 25" (63.5 cm) model for use in narrow areas
  • Folding design for convenient storage or transport on Janitor Cart

Manufacturier et distributeur Québecois

Entreprise familiale depuis 1975


Sur l'Île de Montréal

Expédier en 48 à 72 heures

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